About Me

Welcome to my website, I do hope you enjoy what you see.
My name is Sarah Troester (hence the name TrueStar Cupcakes!) I live in a small village near Winchester, Hampshire, with my husband, and I have three grown-up children. We have various animals including: ferrets, dogs, chickens (whose eggs we use to make the cupcakes) and ducks. I also enjoy horse riding two or three times a week.
I became interested in baking at about 9 years of age and have continued to bake for my family over the years. The children would often bring friends home knowing the cake tins were always full. In fact, it still happens now!
Since the cupcake trend has grown, I have made various cakes for friends as gifts, and they have always been gratefully received. This made me think: why not turn a hobby, that I love so much, into a small business? All the baking is done from my home in a solid fuel Rayburn. I use the eggs from our hens whenever possible and visit our local Farmer’s Market for the butter. I am always on the lookout for new ideas and unusual recipes for cupcakes, including different types of frostings and buttercreams, many of which have been tried and tested successfully.
I hope this gives you an insight to my passion for baking… the reason TrueStar Cupcakes exists. I hope I can bring a smile to everyone who tastes my cupcakes.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
Warmest regards,
Sarah Troester